Starburst Online Casino Review

The main screen. All that’s missing is a unicorn.


The main interface, now with added unicorn. Much better.

Harken back to the old 80’s arcade days when everything was nice, shiny and simple. That is this slot, replete with stunning diamonds and the old symbols of Sevens and Bars from the fruit machine dats. With a magical purpley-pinky design and perhaps an over-zealousness for gems, this slot will bring out the sweet but mischievous little girl in you. One look at the logo and we are immediately transported to Punky Brewster land where wishes comes true and the adult’s boring world is in an entirely other dimension. That is fine for a wee bit of escapism, but for our exceedingly mature sensibilities, we would prefer to modern things up a bit:

Soleil Moon Frye before as Punky and after as a more up-to-date version of herself (though not the most recent we could find, it will definitely suit our purposes).

The audio selection, in contrast to the game’s design, brings us hurtling into the future. Its cosmic sci-fi-ness will mesmerize you away from the glitter of girly land and into the very serious business of repetitive button-hitting in the grand attempt to get rich!


This game is fairly unsophisticated which is an oddity in today’s fang-dangled casino gaming world. It has five reels as you might expect, but it boasts an unboastworthy ten paylines and a non-progressive jackpot maximum of $2, 500. Of course, that is chicken-feed compared to some of the more recent pokie offerings we review, sometimes dabbling in the millions with up to a thousand ways of winning – but don’t let that stop you. If we let every paltry comparison get in the way of progress we’d still be thinking the earth was round. Right, sheeple?

That not being the case, Starburst still offers a fair chance of hitting it big with a betting arrangement suitable for any diligent punter. Coin sizes range from a cent to a dollar with wagering starting at $0. 01 up to a maximum of $100 per spin meaning you can win big regardless of where you see yourself on the scale of risk. Smokers tend to do well here.

The winnings you can pocket are detailed on the below table. If you connect three or more of any of the same symbols on any of the active paylines then smile quietly to yourself while you think about how much you’ve saved on your next cigarette packet. Of course, if you are a non-smoker then who cares what you do. Buy a health snack or something.

The payout table. Gem-ariffic.

Symbols & Bonuses

Like a magical fairy of sparkly goodness appearing on a day with no milk in the fridge, the Starburst Wild is the highlight of the game:

The star’s colorful radiance, perhaps more radiant than the one that shone over Bethlehem two thousand years ago is sure to keep your spirits uplifted. When it appears, it appears only on the three middle reels and when it lands, it expands to fill up the entire reel and your entire day with joy; for now, more opportunities are opened. For, as most games only operate winnings going from left to right, Starburst empowers your horizontal abilities to go both ways: that is, from left to right and right to left, increasing its magical qualities to double-horizontal-power!

The Re-Spins Feature

Once expanded, the Wild symbol will stay in place and the other tiles will keep on spinning – basically a free spin – up to three times. If another Wild symbol appears during this free event (as miracles surely do occur), then you have found the opening to many a cash-filled possibility. You could indeed walk away feeling like you’ve witnessed a miracle, and better than that, a truckload full of cash!

We Reckon

Give it a go. Its simplicity is part of its appeal and its chances of winning are pretty darn good with a «theoretic» payout rate at around 96%. Rip out your inner girl, draw on your 80’s memories and let the Starburst work its magic on you!  Go here for more online poker machines in Australia.