How to calculate winnings in slot machines

Each player of the virtual casino, starting the reels, hopes that he will be able to hit a solid jackpot. Winning bets in slot machines are not uncommon, but they depend on numerous factors that are extremely difficult to calculate, even professionals could not manage it. Recommendations that will increase the chances of winning:

initially, the player should decide on the size of his bet. The amount of money won depends on its size. Generally, the higher the stake, the larger the prize money;

when all lines are activated, the chance of forming a winning combination is much higher. Modern slot machines from different manufacturers can be equipped with 25 or even several hundred pay lines;

if the slot machine provides bonus games, this significantly increases the chances of getting any kind of cash prize. As a last resort, the player will definitely not lose anything.

What increases the player’s chances

Whether a player will be able to win at slot machines depends directly on the type of machines used, namely on how many reels and symbols are present on each of them. If the slots have a small number of reels and symbols, then it is much easier to win on them. It is simply unrealistic to accurately calculate all the work of the gaminator due to the use of the RNG software – the combinations on the screen change at an incredible speed. Millions of sets of symbols per second are installed on the game reels, even if the player does not press “Start”. It is almost impossible to beat the reels on the network, but you can increase your chances of winning by adhering to some rules: * play exclusively on proven machines with a well-known operating system;

play bonus rounds;

before starting the game, it is recommended to test the demo version to evaluate the capabilities of the device for yourself;

until a winning combination falls out, you need to make minimum bets, after which it can be increased;

the chosen strategy must be followed throughout the entire game, and the winning cycle will be a signal to stop and the player will be able to withdraw his money.

How to calculate the probability of winning

Everyone who starts playing slot machines wants to calculate the probability of winning, but so far few have succeeded. To get the jackpot, when calculating the probability, you need to count the number of combinations that fall on the field. If the slot contains 3 reels with 20 symbols on each, then it has combinations – 20 x 20 x 20= 8000, the chance of winning is 1 in 8000, which is quite good. But if we consider 5-reel machines, then the opportunity to hit the jackpot is significantly reduced and it is 1 in 3,200,000. This applies exclusively to jackpots, but the slots include other combinations that can also bring good financial rewards. It is not easy to win in slot machines, even here not everything depends on the player, but on the “generosity” of the machine, because it is specially programmed for a certain percentage of payments. The higher the RTP, the more money a player can get if he gets a winning combination. You need to know that the slot always assigns a certain percentage of the bet. That is, if his payout percentage is 90%, then the machine takes 10 cents from each dollar. This means that for every dollar lost, the jackpot increases by 90 cents. Here we can conclude: the more multifaceted the emulator, the greater the maximum amount of money won.