A $121, 000 Jackpot Can Be Yours at Game of Thrones Online Pokies

Now you can relive the ongoing power struggle at the heart of Game of Thrones, the great television series, by playing Game of Thrones online pokies.   The only way Microgaming could have captured the sinister atmosphere and fierce intrigue of the generations-long battle for the Iron Throne was by making the graphics, animation, and sound extraordinary.   That they have done!

Play Game of Thrones at All Slots Casino

Game of Thrones online pokies is proudly featured at All Slots Casino, one of the leading Australian online casinos.   All Slots has long been recognized as a leading online casino.   It was established way back in 2000 which, in the history of online casinos, is like the ancient times depicted in Game of Thrones!   There are hundreds of All Slots online pokies which range from traditional Aussie-favourite three-reelers to the super-modern 243 ways to win pokies.   Many of the latter are adaptations of hit movies or shows.   In all the adaptations, the graphics, animation, and sound are simply first class.   The pokies could not work if that were not the case.

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Double Formats

Game of Thrones can be played in two different formats that give a different range of winning possibilities.   The 15 payline format gives many relatively small wins in the regular game; the 243 ways to win gives fewer small wins but more large wins.  The big jackpot of $121, 000 can be won only in the 243 ways to win format.

Graphics, Animation, and Sound

The eerie music of the television series is fully replicated in Game of Thrones online pokies  game.   The symbols are wrought in iron or draped in parchment.   The five reels are all encased in a stone frame; the symbols of the four Royal Houses are also hewn from stone.   Other symbols sit on a bed of parchment.   The atmosphere is of a time in the distant past when soldiers served their King or Queen, wore heavy armor, and fought with swords most modern people would have difficulty lifting! Ah, the great joy of fantasy!

At times you will soar high with dragons, receive a bonus from a flaming dragon egg, and travel with frightening wolves.   Many of the characters of the series appear in the slots game.   At times they come to life with real clips from the series.

Stacking Wild Symbols

The Game of Thrones logo is the Wild symbol.   It stacks not only in the bonus rounds, where most stacking wild symbols appear, but also in the regular game.   This allows for more frequent wins in the regular game than in most other online pokies games.

Scatter Symbol

The Iron Throne, the object of all the heroism and dark pursuits of game of Thrones, is the Scatter symbol.   When two Iron Thrones come up, a dragon egg erupts in flame and you receive a cash bonus.   The action picks up in extraordinary fashion when three Scatters appear.   You are whisked posthaste to the free spins bonus rounds.   The imagery in the free spins bonus rounds points to immense power.   The flags of the four Royal Houses fly hard and straight in the strong wind of Westeros.   Then, one by one, the Royal Castles come into view.   As they do, the music reaches a palpable intensity.   The quest is on and you must choose how you will part of it.   You have to choose one and only one Royal House to join, serve, and fight for.   This is no trifling decision because the number of free spins, the multiplier, and the height to which the Royal Sigil symbols stack are all different depending on which house you choose.

The House of Baratheon awards you 8 free spins with a big 5x multiplier.   The House of Baratheon Sigil Symbols stack three high.

However, choosing the House of Lannister will get you 10 free spins with a 4x multiplier and the House of Lannister Sigil symbols stack four high!

Next, you can choose the House of Stark.   This is the house of the protective wolves.   No matter how frightening their fangs may be, if you have chosen to fight with the Stark warriors, the wolves will do everything in their power to protect you.  Your bonus with the House of Stark is 14 free spins and a 3x multiplier.   The House of Stark Sigils Symbols stack five high!

Finally, you can decide to trust fate and fight for the  House of Targaryen.   This is the house of the Queen and her dragon children. You will soar with the dragons.   In so doing, you will earn your bonus:  18 free spins and a 2x multiplier.   The House of Targaryen Sigil Symbols stack six high!

Gamble Feature

You can try to double your winnings by choosing to play the gamble feature which is offered every time you score a win.   Game of Thrones uses a Braavosi coin for this gambling feature.   You choose heads or tails, the coin is flipped, and you double you win if you guessed right.

Leave the Modern World for a Time

Game of Thrones is a perfect way to experience a time of royal battles for power with all the fantasy you desire.   You will thrill to be part of the action and, if you are lucky, will win $121, 000!